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Club Kid - A/W 2018

Tailoring is classified as a cultural inheritance, the profound treasure of traditional practice and craftsmanship. Tailoring speaks to people in many different ways in different eras and fashion movement. Due to its rich history found in the evolvement of the relationship between clothes and the dressing human bodies, it allows to explore and redefine what is Tailoring? Instead of recreating a traditional tailored garment, Club Kid subcultures encourage tweaks of the past and innovative interpretation of those ideas and communicate their own story through the garment. This includes the cross over of vintage and thrift goods with the highly executed pieces. The “Club Kid “ jacket hence, challenge the concept of “Tailoring”, inject humour, dramas and expressions in the silhouettes and Black Velvet.

Art direction - Gia Phuc Ly

Designer - Gia Phuc Ly

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